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Investing in the place management of towns and cities across the UK and is undoubtedly one of the most important economic and social challenges of our time. The ATCM is committed to ensuring that the people leading the way in shaping this new urban landscape have the tools, information and resources required to enable our collective places to reach their full potential.

ATCM is a respected voice for town and city management at both a European and wider global level. We are a not-for-profit organisation with members that come from the public, private and third sectors. They include key stakeholders and thought leaders who develop and implement shared visions, strategies and action plans for town and city centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

Company Members and Exclusive Deals

BLACHERE ILLUMINATIONS - Festive, Amenity and Specialist Lighting Solutions

STORECHECKERS - Assess Your Town's Customer Service Without a Setup Cost, Exclusive Deal for ATCM Members

PfBB UK - Developing and Delivering Business Improvement Districts

MICONEX - Town and City Gift Cards and Loyalty Programmes

B-CAM - Innovator, Producer and Retailer of Body Worn Camera Solutions

SHOPAPPY.COM: The One Stop Local Shop

SPRINGBOARD: Free ATCM Membership for New Clients

NAL: Delivering Infrastructure Solutions

CLOCKWORK CITY - 10% Off An Award Winning Digital Business Skills Training And Placemaking Agency

ZEPHYR: The leading flag, graphics, and pole supplier in the UK

SANDRIDGE MEDIA: Free, attractive decoration for vacant properties

Perry Appleton Risk Services - A Leading Regional Insurance Broker

LOYALFREE: Business offers, loyalty schemes, events, local guides, competitions and interactive trails

SMALL BACK ROOM: An Integrated Design Agency with a Passion for Destination and Place

ADI - Enhancing the world's biggest live events, brands and venues through LED technology

ELEPHANT WIFI: Offer to help gather national footfall data

GOOGLE - Organising the world’s information, making it universally accessible and useful

THE INSIGHTS PEOPLE: Real Insights in Real Time

MEERCAT ASSOCIATES: An Additional Month of Savings and Remote Support Services Exclusive to ATCM Members