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STORECHECKERS - Assess Your Town's Customer Service Without a Setup Cost, Exclusive Deal for ATCM Members

Storecheckers’ Customer Service assessment and enhancement programmes through mystery shopping, assess the current level of service and satisfaction across all business sectors, training and one-to-one support to deliver continual improvement and rewards/awards to incentivise engagement and continual improvement. 

Where these projects have been carried out year-on-year with our clients, improving satisfaction ratings have become a KPI for the town/BID.

We are offering all ATCM members the opportunity to try out our scheme without the initial setup cost we charge to construct a project for a new town – which is always bespoke to the location. Depending on the size of project, this is between £450-£750, but through your membership, these initial costs will be waived.

Find out more at our website and contact Matt Taylor now for more information.