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SANDRIDGE MEDIA: Free, attractive decoration for vacant properties

Why not improve the image of your empty shops with educational window graphics at zero cost to you?

Liven up your high street or shopping centre by dressing your empty units with our beautiful and interactive messages. Sandrigde Media are offering ATCM members a chance to participate in a free program to improve the image of some High Street and Shopping Centre locations by letting us install informative graphic designs on to empty shop windows. This can improve the look of the location and also engage with people to provide important information.
Key benefits

 *   Zero cost to all landlords/agents/TCM's
 *   Brightens and smartens-up empty units and hoardings
 *   Can increase footfall to areas of lower occupancy
 *   Keeps public engaging with their high streets
 *   Reduces risk of fly posting in empty units and protects glass from dirt
 *   Our fitters are fully H&S compliant and insured

Sandridge Media is a marketing and promotions agency based in the South East. With over 25 years of expert experience in direct marketing, customer targeting, print and promotional media. With these skills and expertise, we are able to offer a range of different solutions to suit any business and brand big or small. We work on many projects for retailers, manufacturers and charities helping them promote their brands and get their messages out to target audiences across the UK.

Send us your contact details or just give us a call to find out how we can work together!