A local currency for your town, city or Business Improvement District as well as card linked loyalty

A local currency for your town, city or Business Improvement District as well as card linked loyalty
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MICONEX - Gift Cards and Loyalty for Towns and Cities

Miconex provide the only Town Centre Gift Card Programme currrently in the UK with the aim to lock in spend to the local economy and combat the effects of internet shopping and large retailers such as Amazon. 

If you’re not too familiar with Miconex Gift Cards, you might be wondering what kind of town, city or area embraces the idea of a Gift Card that can be spent across a huge range of businesses. Well, it’s every kind!

Miconex Gift Card programmes have been put in place by towns, cities or areas which have extremely resilient high streets, as well as by those who are less resilient. Some cities are world-class tourist attractions; others are less well-known. They might be post-industrial towns rewriting their future, or bustling city centres full of national and local chains.

We use the existing Mastercard network to create local currencies for towns and cities in the form of local gift card programmes. 

Miconex Gift Cards can be spent anywhere that has a Mastercard terminal, so that includes eating places, concert venues, beauty salons, sports and leisure facilities, estate agents and, yes, even dental surgeries! People who redeem gift cards on average spend 40% more than the value received. That increased spend is hugely beneficial to local businesses.

The family of Miconex Gift Card programmes, which saw its first launch in December 2015, has seen an upsurge in sign-ups, with the number of towns and cities in the list growing by 200% in the last 12 months, working with such a wide range of clients who represent over 6,000 businesses in all corners of the United Kingdom.

The Gift Card programme is such a simple concept, but it delivers real value for our clients and their business communities. It changes people's behaviour; when someone receives a Gift Card they need to look to see where to spend it, so it opens their eyes to what they have on their doorstep. Every Gift Card received is the start of a new journey as the recipient researches where to spend it, makes a trip into town, finds a new favourite business and quite possibly spends more money than they intended to!

It also encourages advocacy among consumers and within businesses. What better recommendation of a place is the giving of a town/city Gift Card?

For more information visit our website or email colin@@mi-cnx.com

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