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CLOCKWORK CITY - 10% Off An Award Winning Digital Business Skills Training And Placemaking Agency

Clockwork City is an award-winning Digital Business Skills training and placemaking agency with over 40 years of experience across the team. Through business training and digital strategy support, they ensure the digital economy works alongside everything else that goes into creating a great place, and that businesses, services, opportunities, and events can easily and equally be found online, on-street, or in person.

Clients include LEPs and local authorities across England, as well as major corporates such as Sainsburys Argos and Toshiba Westinghouse. They are a partner of the Lloyds Digital Business Index and sit on DCMS’s Digital Enterprise Delivery Group, where they aim to increase motivation and digital capability among SMEs and place management organisations, so that they become more resilient, increase revenue, and make a greater contribution economically, socially, and culturally.

Clockwork City can:


  • Offer local businesses and services training and mentoring to develop appropriate, sustainable digital skills, making them, and your community, discoverable online.
  • Help place managers to consider how ‘digital’ fits into existing delivery plans, such as integrating digital tools into existing marketing plans, and developing your team’s confidence in knowing how, why, and when, to use these.
  • Create a strategic digital vision for your organisation, setting out your ambition and the ongoing value of using digital skills, how this can be achieved internally, and how external partners and stakeholders can be engaged too.


Find out more on their website.