17 May 2018
10:00am - 14:00pm

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ATCM East of England

Digital, Data and Privacy

With the introduction of GDPR imminent, the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal has opened up a huge debate on privacy in the digital age. As the town and city management industry moves to ever more sophisticated tools for monitoring performance and consumer behaviour, is it time to ask what is acceptable practice in monitoring and what is intrusive?


The next meeting of ATCM East will feature another high quality line up of contributors including Elephant WiFi and Solomon, which will give us the opportunity to discuss digital monitoring, GDPR and general best practice in the use of data in the current climate. This will be a fascinating roundtable discussion. The meeting will take place at Palace House in the new National Gallery of British Sporting Art which is a unique visitor attraction in the heart of Newmarket.


We are delighted to welcome Tracey Harding, Tourism, Town Centre and Events Manager at Visit Ely, who will attend her first meeting as Chair of ATCM East. We will be joined by Elephant WiFi and Solomon.


A networking lunch will be provided.