10 October 2019
17:00pm - 20:00pm

Humber Tech Expo, Hull

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Connexin Live 2019

Connexin is an innovative and disruptive technology company specialising in building and operating award-winning Smart City Infrastructure to support the Internet of Things. Connexin delivers Smart city solutions to advance connectivity, productivity, healthcare & security in communities across the United Kingdom. Connexin was recently named one of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies in the Northern Tech Awards.

Connexin Live 2019 will bring together experts from leading businesses, local government, universities and development organisations to make connections, explore synergies and learn from one another. We will be exploring:

  • How Data in the water industry is reducing leaks and providing new ways to manage flooding.

  • How information about the quality of air around us can help save lives.

  • How Data from CCTV can be used to manage antisocial behaviour, manage road congestion and much much more.
  • How IoT is driving efficiency in the manufacturing and private sectors. 

Expert industry speakers from across the globe will discuss and demonstrate how data can be used to enhance economies and improve lives.