5 October 2018
10:00am - 15:30pm



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ATCM North East

Delivering Public-Private Partnership


This is an important time for Bradford City Centre. The city is develolping a BID to bring the private sector into the governance of the city centre.


With ballots being issued in Septemeber and the result being announced in October, it is the ideal opportunity to find out more about the BID's development and the process for successful engaging the priavte sector in a world where businesses have become increasingly active in supporting town and city centres. We have the chance to go one step further and ask how the role between local government and BID is evolving, how councils adapt to the implementation of a BID and the need to think about strategic public-private partnerships to support town and city centres post-ballot. 



ATCM North East will discuss these issues in Bradford City Centre on the 5th Octonber. We will also discuss the current crisis for town centre retail and introduce Nick Richardson, Chief Executive of The Insights People, to speak about the the next generation of high street consumers.