12 July 2019
10:00am - 14:00pm


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ATCM Midlands

During a time of uncertainty and change, supporting town centre businesses has become critically important. Whether its keeping costs down, adapting to the UK’s exit from the EU, or coming to terms with the digital economy, the challenges facing our businesses are constantly changing. The support we provide must be continually reviewed and enhanced. The next ATCM Midlands event will be hosted by Solihull BID, winners of the 2019 Town and City Management Industry Awards for the Best Business Support Category.


We will hear about the excellent Solihull Business Matters Scheme which has engaged with over 200 professional services and has effectively engaged with the office sector levy payers of the BID.


We will have a roundtable about the different forms of support being provided to a range of businesses across the region including retail, leisure and professional services.


We will provide an overview of the Regional Town Centres Task Force for the West Midlands developed by the Mayor, Andy Street, and the West Midlands Combined Authority Housing and Land Board and discuss whether ATCM should write to other LEPs, Mayors and Combined Authorities across the Midlands should do the same.


We will review the 2019 ATCM Summer School #FutureConsumer and ask what this topic means in terms of how we support our businesses moving forward.


We will also discuss other key issues related to business support, such as provide an update to ATCM's work on supporting business rates reform through the Treasury Committtee, introducing Google to the ATCM network and representing town centre businesses on Brexit.


We will also have a networking lunch.