19 October 2018
10:00am - 14:00pm


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ATCM London

 London Street


The most recent business rates revaluation confirmed something that the place management industry has known for a while, that there is a huge problem with the rates system that is undermining the town centre eco-system.


There are clearly cost pressures faced by many invested in town centres with the rationalisation of commercial property organisations such as high street retailers, restaurants and public sector agencies taking place across the UK.


However, the costs of operating on the high street are broader than those posed by the tax system. There is now a cost in terms of exposure to anti-social behaviour and criminal activity as policing resource becomes increasingly scarce.


The next meeting of ATCM London will discuss the challenges posed by the business rates system on the capital city and wider UK economy. We will discuss options for business rates reform, business rates retention for England and solutions reducing the costs of operating on the high street. We will also discuss both the challenges and solutions around policing in town centres.